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It is required that all adults seeking membership in the Church of the Sons of YHVH, or any or any various programs sponsored by the church, submit an application, undergo a charecter investigation and background check.

Membership in the Church of the Sons of YHVH alone, is for those who are supporters or beginners in the Christian Identity message. This is where they will gain the knowledge and understanding to become more endowed, politically active members within the militant/political arm of the church. Membership Application

The Legion of Saints - Manifesto is required reading for membership in all organizations overseen by the Church.

Legion of Saints - The "Legion of Saints" is comprised of Christian men with extraordinary faith, whose talents, devotion and conviction will lead us into the arena that will bring victory once again to YHVH's chosen people. These men are diligently committed to bringing into like mind, all members of our racial household, to the knowledge of its mission and to spreading the Gospel to our racial kindred who wander in perpetual darkness.

Legion of Saints / Alpha Division - The "Legion of Saints / Alpha Division" is designed for young men between the ages of 13 and 17 years. The purpose of the Alpha Division is to teach and instill Christian principles, morals, ethics, values and racial pride into the minds and lives of our youth.

The Daughters of the Kingdom - Program Outline is required reading for the following organizations.

Daughters of the Kingdom - The "Daughters of the Kingdom" is the ladies auxiliary to the Legion of Saints. They are the fairest among ten thousand and far more precious than rubies.

Angels Wing - The "Angels Wing" is the "Daughters of the Kingdom" unit for young ladies designed to teach Christian values and principles and to build character filled, quality minded young ladies.


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